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The key to getting a tighter skin is keeping skin smooth and not using creams. Creams make the skin appear thick and uneven. I have no reason to believe creams will do anything to a tight skin, but I've tried them all and they don't seem to work. So, what does a medical doctor recommend to tighten your skin? Dr. Jarti A lot of people think that using oil or oil-like products will tighten the skin. Oil and oils are great for keeping your skin smooth, but they tend to make your skin a lot greasy and oily. You don't want your skin to be oily because that means that it won't absorb moisture and keep skin hydrated. Oil helps keep your skin supple and hydrated, but it is a poor choice to tighten the skin. The oil will have very little or no impact on your skin and can be used to moisturize, but the oil tends to cause a lot of irritation. I've found oil to be a very good choice for tight skin. It does not irritate and it doesn't leave a sticky residue on the skin. If you find that you want to make it tight, you should use oil and moisturizer.

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For tight skin Skinception obviously the solution par excellence. Countless satisfied users have al...