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The most common question is whether to use a supplement, or if you can just eat more food. There are many things that help, but we also need to know which ones will help us in the most effective ways. The answer to this question has been answered so often that it is easy to forget, but if you are a student of nutrition, nutrition is the science of food. When we study food, we find that we often make the same mistakes over and over again. We may have taken a supplement for some time, and then forget to take it again. In addition, sometimes we take the supplement, and never even notice that we have not taken it. All too often, a study would look at only one specific thing, but that doesn't tell us the whole story. For example, if you were to study the effects of coffee on weight loss, you would find that coffee makes you fat. The same with vitamin C, or how much you eat of it, or the effects of fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids. The more we know about a substance or diet, the more we can tailor our methods.

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