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The only products that I use for this purpose are the lightening cream from My Beauty Diary and the moisturizing cream from Dr. Jart+. These products both contain vitamin C and are very light on the skin. I have tried many different lightening creams and have never found one that really worked for me. Some companies advertise that they have lightening effects, but I haven't found any. Some lightening creams I have tried include: Dr. Jart's Lightening Cream (my personal favorite), a lightening facial oil from Dr. Jart's, a lightening cream from the Dr. Jart's line, and a lightening serum from a company called Lightening Serum. The Dr. Jart Lightening Cream is my favorite. It has great texture, great ingredients, and is easy to use. If you have really dry skin, you may want to go with the Dr. Jart Lightening Serum, which I use as well, but is also a bit more expensive. I've only used Dr. Jart products a few times in my life, but it's been great to be able to use them regularly. I always recommend trying something new and I think I'm finally finding one I love.

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